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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - Saras gets out of jail after Kumud gets Yash to jail to confess

I had a lot of high expectations from the serial, but over a short period of time, I am starting to see the serial as similar to a Balaji serial, designed to portray Ekta Kapoor's creativity of good and evil in families. And so it happens in the serial. You have family members that are becoming more unrealistic, who will either be so good that they are unbelievable, or you have the step-mother who is increasingly portrayed as so evil that she will do anything to get her way.
Saras is shown as having a love-hate relationship with Kumud because he had refused the marriage without coming and seeing her. He comes there in person to actually do the refusal because of Kumud, and now that they both are here, they are to some extent trapped in their egos and unable to move forward in the emotions that they have towards each other. Saras is emotionally affected because he believes that he did something wrong by refusing the marriage long distance, and this would have caused her a lot of distress. Kumud also considered him arrogant and full of pride for the same reason, and for many days, since he refused without seeing her, refused to let him even see her face.
However, things become complicated when Yash, the son of the house commits a grave crime of killing a cow when driving, and is chased by a crowd of villagers who come to their home. He needs help, and that is when Saras steps up. Just when Yash is about to swear on the head of his mother that he had nothing to do with the incident, Saras refuses to let Yash speak an untruth, especially since he is doing so on the head of his mother, and takes full responsibility for the accident. People are shocked, especially since there is punishment, in terms of taking responsibility for the family whose animal was killed, and also being able to eat only twice a day.
Kumud starts to help him and they develop a closer bond which causes some tension in the house although they trust her fully. But, Kumud starts to learn that he did not actually commit this crime, and is taking on the responsibility for what Yash did, so that he could pay his debt to the house for what he had done. She starts to investigate, which causes huge problems since Yash's mother does not like it, but Kumud is under no constraint. In the meantime Saras's stepmom sends the police to the house to arrest Saras, but this is when Kumud rounds up Yash and somewhat unwillingly gets him to the police station so that he can confess. Saras's stepmom is somewhat stunned, since she wanted Saras to be in prison, this would cause tension between Kumud's father and Saras's father, but you can be sure that the serial would try to show more machinations that she continues to do.

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