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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Jalandhar and army attack Devas, attack by Vritrasur very powerful

Jalandhar has been talking about a fight between them and the Asuras for some time now, in order that they get back more power. Ever since Indira killed Jalandhar's mother, Jalandhar had sworn revenge on the killer. This anger attracted the Asura guru, since he could see this anger and power being a way to get revenge on devas for the poor condition of the Asuras. He trained Jalandhar, and when he could see that Jalandhar was older and much more powerful, he finally told him that the murderer was Indira. Jalandhar caught Indira and told him that he would defeat him properly in battle, and set out to prepare for this battle. As a first part of this, he sought to become the leader of the Asuras and defeated a challenger.
Now that he was the king of the Asuras, he sought to get some respect and money for the Asuras and found that the Asuras had no money; and then he was told that the Devas had cheated the Asuras during the time of the Manthan since the Devas had taken the gems and the nectar that was found from the sea. He sent a missive to Indira for getting the gems back, but Indira refused. In the meantime, he was sure that Indira would refuse and had already started preparing the army for the battle. However, he had to face a brief setback when Indira caused his messenger to change sides, and attack him with a weapon that would cause him to sink. He however managed to get back to a proper health through a proper care, care done through a female Vaid.
And for this preparation, the Asura Vritrasur, who was in deep sleep (or rather unconscious) was finally brought back to the live state and prepared to start the battle. In the meantime, Narada, Brahma and Narayana visited Mahadev and told him about Jalandhar; Mahadev was conscious of Jalandhar, but refused to do anything for the moment. First, he did not consider any action of Jalandhar so far wrong, and as for Indira, he had no sympathy for what happened to Indira because he could see that Indira had done too many wrong actions over the past. And of course, since Jalandhar had arisen from his own energy, he refused to take any action until goddess Parvathi was back and had recovered her memory, which might make it somewhat late since there was still no time available as to when she would recover all her memory.
Now, the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev had been known to give a large number of boons to people which caused problems sometime, specially the boons which gave special powers to Asuras. So, for example, Vritrasur had been given a boon that he could not be killed normally with weapons made of steel and wood, but there was an exception that was pointed out. He could be killed with the bones of Rishi Dhatich, but for that the Rishi would have to give up his life, which he volunteers to do. Indira is happy with this.

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