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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Ovi finally discloses the truth about Pari to everybody

The biggest problem in all these serials is about some truth being hidden, and by the hiding of this truth, it becomes something which will cause a problem when the truth is revealed. In the current episodes of Pavitra Rishta, the big truth is about the background of Pari. Pari is actually the child of Purvi and Arjun (although it would have seemed crazy to think about a relationship between Purvi and Arjun where they would have become intimate enough to have produced a child - and this from one encounter between them (couples can spend years being intimate and not yet have a child, while serials and movies typically show one sexual encounter leading to a child).
At the time of the delivery of Ovi and Purvi (both of these children having been produced by Arjun); and Purvi having never disclosed the truth about her child to anybody in her family (only Onir knows), Ovi's child died. At that time, Purvi and Onir took a decision to donate her child to Ovi since that would have helped her (but it was never about telling anybody about her sacrifice - but if you know Hindi serials, then you would know that even a supposed good act, if hidden, can become bad when it is disclosed later).
And how do more people get to know about it ? Mittal is having a fight with Onir, and to look for more evidence, they look at the CCTV camera footage where they can see that Onir is taking the baby from Purvi and taking to Ovi (and the CCTV footage apparently is also capturing all the voice conversation that is happening (I don't know of too many traditional CCTV footage capturing the audio inputs as well). However, the footage gets removed when the case is in court, and then the DNA is done between Pari and Arjun, and since Arjun is also the father, the DNA evidence shows no problem. But, you know that this problem is not going away, and will come out again in some form or the other.
And now, first Arjun learns about this, however, it is problematic if other people in the family learn about this, since any intimacy between Arjun and Purvi would have shocked everyone even if this happened before he got engaged with Ovi. However, finally Ovi also learns about this, and she is shocked. She was never sure of her relationship with Arjun, and now this pushes her over the edge since she now believes that Purvi has taken away everything from her, and starts showing some strange behavior.
Finally in a party, Ovi, under the influence of alcohol blurts out this fact, and then Mittal show the actual footage which clearly shows that the baby was taken by Onir and given to Ovi. Everybody is shocked by this, and Purvi suddenly is pointed out as a negative personality and Sulochna slaps Purvi.

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