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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - The sudden marriage of Rubel and Latika, and pain to Anuj and Sheila

After a time period where the serial showed the stars of Rubel and Sheila Mami being on the ascent, and Avantika and family being out of the Dewan mansion, the serial started showing something reverse. For quite some time, viewers of the serial would already know that the best way that the serial would show an answer would be for Sheila and Anuj to realize the problems that they are facing, since Rubel seems to have taken the values that they have given him to a higher degree. They have no respect for parents and for relatives, so to expect that Rubel would give them respect is foolish, but the serial is now starting to show them facing all these problems. One of the biggest issues for them was when Rubel came to them and told them that he is now engaged to Latika, and since Sheila mami knows exactly what Latika is like, she was horrified. She would be looking for a daughter-in-law who would be docile, who would listen to everything that she was saying.
Now, with Pankhuri in the mansion as a caretaker (appointed by Kaira, since Sheila would never have allowed such a thing), the best way for Sheila and Rubel to get pleasure would be tell the news to Avantika and Aditya that their beloved Pankhuri is now acting as their servant, but Nanaji has put a stop to that. He knows what will pinch them, and has told them that if they are ever responsible for Aditya or Avantika learning this news, he will immediately donate the mansion to a charity and they will not be able to do anything about it, and this will go against their plan.
So, Sheila is now searching for a plan where she can arrange so that Aditya or Avantika can learn the situation about Pankhuri without telling them directly, but so far all her plans are failing. And yet, this is her goal. In the meantime, Aditya and Pankhuri discuss Rubel behaving strangely with the company lawyer, him being very uncomfortable with what Rubel is asking him to do. Pankhuri finally manages to get to his office and sees Rubel there, and threatens him with the name of Nanaji. He reveals that Rubel is looking to get a contract marriage, with the marriage getting dissolved in some time, till they can get the mansion in their name.
Pankhuri and Aditya want to tell this to Nanaji, and Sheila is shocked when she hears of this. She tries to stop them, but they come to the mansion and tell Nanaji, and he is not as shocked, but threatens that he will take action. And then Rubel comes in, having decided to take an action which is drastic, and very shocking to his parents. They were uncomfortable with the engagement, but were told that it was just for a period of time; and now Rubel comes in with Latika, with both of them wearing garlands, and tells everybody that they have got married. Everybody is shocked, and tells them off, but Rubel could not care. Even when his parents confront him in the room, he is very rude, which shocks Anuj, since it is the first time that he sees how Rubel actually is, he is focused towards getting what he wants and could not care for any relations. Latika on the other hand is focused towards her goals, and even while re-assuring Sheila, she is waiting for the day when she gets 50% of the mansion in her name.

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