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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The end of Ichcha in the serial, donates heart to Tapasya

For some time now, the serial has been seeing a double role for Tina Dutta, playing the role of Ichcha and Meethi in the serial, and there were a number of stories coming out that she was having trouble playing both roles; and that the serial would bring the role of Ichcha to an end. However, this was a major step for the serial, since the character of Ichcha was one of the main characters of the serial, and for her to go means that the serial has indeed moved onto the next generation; all of course part of the plan to keep on extending the serial.
Meethi of course has moved out of the area, having married to who she thinks is Vishnu, and yet to face the reality that the plan to marry her was part of a deception, part of revenge. That plan is slowly getting executed, and there is some amount of frustration that she is already facing about not being able to contact her family. She has been explained to that she now lives in a house where she is not expected to be out after dark, and hence cannot go to meet her family so easily. Further, phones apparently do not seem to work, and when she goes to a nearby telephone booth, she is prevented from making the call in a way that seems suspicious to her.
The ongoing friendship / conflict between Tapasya and Ichcha has turned into friendship after the time leap, but this is getting into a very big step. Both of them are critically injured, with Tapasya having been shot by Tej Singh, and her health affected to such a way that she needs a heart transplant in an emergency. However, heart transplants are not easy to do, and legally, what they are showing in the serial is not sure, since there are a lot of processes involved in organ transplants.
On the other hand, Ichcha was hit in an road accident, and taken to hospital where she is in a critical condition. She was brought in by a stranger (whose son she tried to save in the accident), and was in a very bad way. Her family, Veer, nobody knows where she is, and certainly do not know that such an accident has happened.
And they are both at the same accident, and when Ichcha, in her badly injured state, finds that Tappu needs a replacement heart, she volunteers to donate her heart, especially since she is at her own deathbed. And this is what happens; now the serial will show how her family will learn that the person who donated the heart was actually Ichcha, which will be a big shock.

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