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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Rathore and Jogi looking for Meethi

Before the marriage, Mukta and Rathore had warned against the marriage, claiming that things were not right in the marriage. In fact, one of Mukta's friends had some evidence against Vishnu, but she died suddenly. The serial has not explored this area at all, although you would expect that the sudden death of somebody should have been explored. Anyhow the marriage happened, and Vishnu took Meethi away after marriage, and she is so almost so docile, she listened to how things started to happen to make her out of contact with her family. She gets restive from time to time, but other than that, Vishnu explains things to her, and she is fine. She lives in a huge house, and yet can believe that there are no communication capabilities in the house and in the village.
On the other side, after the death of Ichcha after an accident, there was an attempt by Jogi Thakur to find Meethi, which does not work out. She was not there in the hotel where she was supposed to be going for honeymoon, something which causes him to feel strange, as to where she is. Both Jogi and Rathore (who is pretty resourceful) are trying to locate Meethi, but this is not so easy.
On the other hand, Meethi is finding things very strange in the house. She finds a telephone in the village, but no matter what is done, she is not able to get through; and when she does get through, the connection is broken by a servant in the family behaving very strangely. She finds all this very strange, and yet is not able to do anything about it. Even protesting to Vishnu does not cause too much of a solution, and given the amount of time that she has not been in touch with her family, seems very strange.
In the family, Maiya runs the house; whenever Meethi is not there, she talks about how to plan against Meethi. And when Meethi protests against the treatment meted out to a Mamiji over there, she provokes resentment. She is attacked when in an isolated room, and calls out for Vishnu, who comes and rescues her when his Bhabhi tells him to go and help. He finds out that it was Mamaji who had attacked her, but cannot identify him because of him being part of the conspiracy. The blood trail is followed by all, and it goes to Mamiji's room, and aspersions are cast on her because of her mind not being right.
Vishnu is now slowly getting closer to Meethi, which also means that his mission of finally hurting and killing Meethi will get more complicated. In the meantime, Jogi and Rathore, while hunting for Meethi, have heard of her being in this village and have found their way here, and been told that the haveli would likely be the only place where she would be. They knock on the door of the haveli in an attempt to find her. What happens next ? Would be obvious that they would not find her, since Vishnu needs to be given time in an effort to reverse his villainous character.

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