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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Sid found, Ram and Priya do conspiracy to defeat Sid and Ayesha

The serial seems to believe that it should not show too much despair, or too much pain. So, for example, you had the situation where both Ram and Priya were looking for a job, they had no money, and Ram's family was also kicked out of the house by Ayesha after she got angry at them for muddling up a business deal where she had to show that apparently they were a nice happy family. This seemed like the bottom, and then both of them found a job, and then they showed that the manager of the place was Ashwin, who was humiliated by Ram earlier for the actions he took. Now that Ashwin is in charge, he took a lot of pleasure in tormenting Ram, calling him to work on Sunday (when Ram was supposed to be off on a family trip) and then not showing up. And crucially, he asked Ram for a report which he rejected.
So, when Ashwin was upto this kind of stuff, there was a meeting setup for the investors in the company, the ones who were in charge. For further humiliation, Ashwin had setup Priya to be the usher in charge, and when it was clear that Ashwin would be using the report prepared by Ram and was taking credit for the work that got a lot of praise, Priya could not stand it anymore. Since she was anyhow close to the mike, she stepped up by saying that she wanted to praise Ashwin, and then made the startling declaration that this was an idea stolen by Ashwin, instead of giving the credit to Ram (even when he was specifically asked).
The investors had already heard of Ram, and then they decided to give him a job that was at a level higher than Ashwin. Ashwin was shocked at all this, and submitted his resignation, which Ram rejected since he wanted Ashwin to work on this.
On the other side, Ayesha had got pregnant, and this was seen by Saumya, who went and told this to Natasha. However, in the hospital, Ayesha managed to get this reversed by claiming that the abortion was being done for a friend, not for her. They did not believe this, and followed this lead, with Priya then seeing Sid at the hospital. After this, both Ram and Priya followed the story by trying to trace the person whom Ayesha was seeing. They finally confronted Sid and then got him arrested. However, Sid managed to escape from the police.
But, in a plan, Sid wanted to stay near Ram so that the police was not looking for them, and get Pihu to help him. This was seen by Ram and Priya, and they managed to turn this around so that Sid was then arrested by the police, with them trying to manipulate things so that Sid would now believe that Ram was trying to help them in opposition to Priya. As a result, Sid would be manipulated to marry Ayesha, and under the contract, this would ensure that the property would be released from Ayesha and would revert back to Ram. This would be a just punishment to Sid and Ayesha.

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