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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Aarti all ready to deliver a baby, Ishita trying everything to stop her

After so much time, the serial started showing some positive news for the main members of the serial. The quest of Yash and Aarti to ensure that Akash left all his anger and hurt was finally achieved. In the end, Akash felt the comfort and love from the family and decided to change himself - so he returned the room back to Yash and Aarti, he told Ishita to hand over the keys of the house to Aarti (where Buaji came in and taunted Ishita about what she was being asked to do) which were in turn handed over to Radha (the quest of Yash and Aarti to ensure the re-marriage of Papa Scinidia and Radha was achieved and the marriage did happen, and they look fairly comfortable after the marriage), and Akash also told Yash that he was returning all the share of the family business that he had been given and would act an assistant to Yash so that he could learn about the business. And all of this left Ishita very angry, since she was very jealous of the closeness of Yash and Aarti and wanted their relationship to break.
So, now Ishita has taken over as the villain of the serial, taken over from Prashant. She has been trying a number of tactics over the past few months to do whatever it takes to harm Aarti, and has been getting more and more frustrated since she is not able to break the strong relation between Aarti and Yash. She knows that Aarti is pregnant and the steps that she is taking will harm the baby as well, but her jealousy is driving her to do all this. In the midst of all this, she has no regard for Akash, and when Akash is slowly getting close to her now after his emotions have got more balanced, she cannot stand any such attempt to get close and feels disgusted whenever Akash tries something.
She tries to add more separation between Yash and Aarti by trying to get Aarti to fall down after slipping over some water (using the opportunity when Aarti is trying to clean a bit of the floor), but Aarti gets saved by Yash before she can fall. And even though Ishita tries to instigate Pari to blame Aarti for this, especially since Palak does get a bit hurt after she slips, this soon ends, and Yash is not at all angry over this. So, this attempt by Ishita comes to an end, and she also gets scolded by Buaji when Buaji sees her trying to peek into the room of Yash and Aarti.
Now, it is speculated that after the delivery, Ishita will try to get the baby away so as to try and put some distance and arguments between Yash and Aarti. Will she succeed ?

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