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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Starting to finally see the truth in what Mohan was doing

The second round of the serial was started with the basic assumption that Mohan was painted as the bad guy in the eyes of Navika and Megha (and the rest of the family), with Renu doing her best to rub this in. The concept was that Addu had run away, and this was the fault of Mohan who had treated them like a step-father, with him having moved away to Bhopal (from Indore where everybody was living). He was living with his daughter Rimjhim and with Guru, and they show some amount of tension from both sides. The serial showed that Navika was very angry whenever the name of Mohan came up, since she blamed herself for getting attached to a person who destroyed their family, and also hated the idea of having a step-father.
The concept would be that at some point, they would come close together, and for that, the serial moved the story in such a way that he was moving to Indore to take up a TV channel job where Nanhi (Navika) would also be working. Of course, he cannot recognize her now that she has grown up, while she cannot forget his face. Guru is also against Mohan having any kind of relation with Megha or Navika, since he has seen the pain that Mohan got from such a relationship. As a result, he is discouraging of any sign or presence where they could enter his life again.
Slowly, they get closer. Mohan has a project called Project Taalash, which is meant to hunt down those missing children (and they also show him hunting for Addu even after all these years, getting in touch with the police and so on). However the others do not know about this, and Megha has not even met him, nor does she know that Navika has met Mohan. And then Mohan meets Megha during Holi where he sort of rescues her; however,  a reunion is not going to happen since Mohan had promised to Megha before he left that he will get Addu back, and Megha asks him about what happened to his promise.
Navika comes to Mohan asking for him to stay away from them, and Mohan unleashes all his frustration on her, showing her everything that he has done to get Addu back, and so on, which causes her great confusion, since this challenges everything bad that she had thought about Mohan. Further, Navika had exposed a politician, and his grandson Beera had come to work along with Navika. He further taunts her about her having a step-family complex, and overall, when she snaps, he tells her that this is what would have happened to Mohan once with Addu, after being taunted about being a step-father long enough.
Now it's the turn of Megha. Unknowingly she is the teacher of Rimjhim, and once comes to her home and sees Guru there, and learns that Rimjhim is Mohan's daughter. Guru confirms that Mohan had got married again, and hence Rimjhim was his daughter. However, this is resolved soon after when she confronts Mohan and Guru then tells the truth. Another angle is about Munna, who is working for the politician, and who has a strong anger against Mohan, plotting again and again.

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