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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Zoya finally reverses her plan to leave, after she hears Asad

The serial is going through a lot of complications, with multiple stories ongoing. There is still some tension between Asad and Ayyan, ever since Ayyan used money to Rashid out of prison and free of the charges against him. What caused further problems was the statement by the police inspector that the charges were made on the basis of bias, and done by the first son (Asad) who was left by Rashid after the fire in the doll factory; Razia using that incident to apply pressure on Rashid to do what she wanted.
There is a blossoming love story between Zoya and Asad, although both are apprehensive about this, since they are very different from each other. They have a love hate relation with each other, with Asad adopting a stance of coldness and rigidity, and also blaming her when a number of things have gone wrong (with many of them later turning out to show that Zoya was not wrong, or did not do so deliberately). However, he felt a great sense of shame when he learnt that Zoya's parents are dead and she was originally in an orphanage from where a family adopted her (he remembers the time when he told her in anger that her parents had not brought her up properly, and that her values were very different from those of a normal family). Every time he had told her like this, her tears had come out, but he would have been angry and not cared.
Now, her visa time has run out. For her, her mission was a failure, since she had come to find her natural father, and this in turns out to be Siddique, but Razia detects who the illegitimate daughter of her husband is, and manages to manipulates in such a way that both Zoya and Siddique believe that the other one is dead and do not know the actual identities (in Zoya's case, she is shown the grave where her father is supposed to be lying). This brings further pain to Zoya, and she decides to leave; this causes great happiness to Tanveer since she wants to become rich by marrying Asad.
But, at the last minute, Zoya is shocked when she hears the voice of Asad asking her not to go (the voice coming out through a recording on her laptop); till now she had believed that Asad was interesting in her leaving and was in fact helping this out by getting her early tickets. So, when she says that she will not go, everybody is happy, except for Tanveer.
On the other hand, Ayyan has finally agreed to marry Humaira after Razia tells him that she will get Rashid sent back to jail on the same charge; she further pressures him to tell his family early, which he finally does. Rashid suspects that there is some pressure on him to take this decision, and Ayyan is forced to defend his decision; although there is a cute scene where Zoya tells him about some signs to detect whether Humaira is in love with him (and those signs certainly point to this).

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